Litigation and Disputes

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide variety of cases including:-

  • Disagreements over Wills and Inheritance
  • Land disputes e.g. boundaries, property ownership, rights of way, trespass and interference with land
  • Building disputes
  • Debt matters
  • Contract cases
  • Claims against professionals for poor work or services
  • Injunctions
  • Licensing e.g. alcohol and entertainment
  • Employment cases
  • Landlord and Tenant

Our focus is on resolving your problem as quickly and as cheaply as possible by exploring alternatives to Court proceedings, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We will only advise you to take your problem to Court or a Tribunal if it is absolutely necessary and there are no better alternatives. If Court proceedings are necessary we will represent you robustly.

Prior to carrying out any work on your behalf we will do our best to estimate what your case is likely to cost and agree an appropriate funding arrangement with you. Funding options may include

  • Legal Expenses Insurance - sometimes included with your household insurance
  • Conditional Fee Agreements (commonly known as "no win no fee" agreements)
  • Contingency Fee Agreements - currently available in employment cases
  • Public Funding (formerly Legal Aid) - still available for certain cases subject to means and merits tests
  • Private funding - where we agree a fee or range of fees with you prior to undertaking the work
  • Funding through trade union or other organisations

Simon Bird, a partner in the firm, leads our civil litigation department. If you have a matter on which you think you may need specialist legal advice e-mail us or telephone our Aberdare office on 01685 885500 and ask for Simon Bird or one of his assistants.

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